C R E A T I O N S  B Y  W I L L I A M 

Here's what comes in the VGK-16AGP:

    16 Insulated Verti-Gro® growing containers
    5 year guarantee
    4 Sets of high tower rotation assemblies with swivels
    4 Nutrient distribution pots with 1" hole
    Verti-Gro® Soluble Hydroponic nutrients
    (in convenient 2lbs packages. Makes approximately 500 gallons)
    Growing media, organic base coconut fiber
    New! (ph kit) with indicator and chart
    Growing media aerator, coarse perlite
    Outdoor water resistant timer, up to 7 times per day
    Timer, indoor digital (back up timer)
    Hydroponic pump, 120 V, 44-50 watts
"The most economical vertical growing system ever developed for all types of vegetables and berries. Large plants like tomatoes are grown commercially in this Verti-Gro system."
"Design your own beautiful, decorative, vertical garden.  Self watering, uses 90% less water than  traditional gardens.  Gain a green thumb instantly!"
Commercial weed control fabric, 3' x 13' with staples
    Complete irrigation system including emitter tubing, white
    poly pipe, fittings, flow control valve, pump fittings, and support Ts
    Post Drivers (for installing tower support pipe)
    Floating Plant Starter Kit with growing media
    Internal tower supports, ½" conduit
    High tower column extenders: ¾" x 15-17"
    4 ground pots
    10 misters for freeze protection
    Assembly and Instruction Manuals
    E-mail customer service

Note: This pump and timer will allow up to 3 more extension (16X) kits